Frannie and Sasha

Reverse Doppelgangers?!?!

When we found out that Frannie’s full name was Frances (also my name) and her fiance’s name was Sasha (also my wife’s name), we flipped out and thought destiny and the universe and the invisible hand of fate must have brought us all together to photograph this wedding. Or something.

Fate of the Universe….CONFIRMED

Then as we learned that Frannie and Sasha were super cool and loved to joke around, we confirmed that destiny and the universe and the invisible hand of fate were definitely involved. Frannie and Sasha live in New York and have been together quite a while now. They met and quickly revealed to each other that despite their lackluster flirting skills (their words!), they could still connect and become close.

It didn’t take long for me to see that Frannie and Sashas were a perfect match. Their easygoing personalities match perfectly and make them a lot of fun to be around. I was lucky enough to be able to hang out with Frannie and her awesome bridesmaids while they got ready the morning of the wedding (also somewhere in there I took a couple photos).

A Benevolent Kidnapping

It was great to see the friends, families, and cultures merge on Frannie and Sasha’s wedding day. After their beautiful ceremony, they had an awesome reception, and at one point Frannie was kidnapped (sort of) from the reception hall and a ransom had to be paid for her to be returned so she could continue dancing. It was a lot of fun to get a glimpse of this Russian tradition and to be part of the other evening festivities.


It was great to be with Frannie and Sasha on their journey through their wedding day and to see the beautiful ceremony, to the special moments they shared with family and friends. We wish them the best of luck going forward, and we know their special relationship will be successful.

Congratulations again Frannie and Sasha!


Ceremony & Reception Location: Liberty House

Videographer: NRG Film Co



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